Surya Namaskara (Video)

Surya Namaskara ~~ Salutations to the Sun

Surya refers to the "SUN" and Namaskara means "SALUTATIONS".

It is an excellent group of asanas with which to start morning practice. Surya Namaskara has a direct vitalising effect on the solar energy of the body which flows through pingala nadi. Regular practice of Surya Namaskara regulates pingala nadi and leads to a balanced energy system at both mental and physical levels.

The 12 asanas generate prana, the subtle energy which activates the phychic body. They are performs in a steady, rhythmic sequence. It increases your flexibility & strength. It moves your muscles group, expand and contract in once flowing routine.

The ideal time to practise Surya Namaskara is at sunrise, the most peaceful time of the day. Sunset is also a good time to practice as it stimulates the digestive fire.

Steps 1-12:
1. Inhale - Stand with both feet touching. Bring your hands together, palm to palm at the heart (Prayer position). Ensure your weight is evenly distributed. Exhale - Namaste

2. Inhale - Backward Bend.
Raise your arms upward, slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head, relax your neck, upper arms by the ears, engaged buttock muscles.

3. Exhale - Forward Bend.
Slowly bring the body up & bend forward until your hands are in line with your feet, touching your forehead to your knees (if possible). Press your palms down, fingertips in line with toes & touch the ground (bend your knees slightly if you have to).

4. Inhale - Half fold & Lunge Pose.
Roll your forehead up with flat back, palms away from ground, bring your fingertips in line with toes again. At the same time, bring your right foot backward in a wide lunge, keep your hands and feet on the ground with left foot bended at 90 degree between your hands, raise your head look straight.

5. Hold your breathe - High Plank Pose.
Bring your left foot backward, tucking toes in line, arms strengthen, tighten your core muscles, engage thigh muscles, relax the neck, look straight.

6. Exhale - Eight Limbs.
Lower the knees, chest & chin simultaneously to the ground. The buttocks, hips and abdomen should be raised.

7. Inhale - Upward Facing Dog Pose.
Lower your pelvis to the ground and raise your head, arch your back and push the chest forward into the cobra pose.

8. Exhale - Downward Facing Dog Pose.
Raise your hips, heels step down and lower the head between the arms. The legs and arms should be straight in the final position. Relax the hips & throat region.

9. Inhale - Lunge Pose.
Keeping your hands firmly on the ground, arms straight. bring your right leg to take a wide forward step, place the right foot between your hands & lift your head up; look straight.

10. Exhale - Forward Bending Pose.
Keeping your hands in place, bring your left foot forward (Feet together). Straighten your legs, contract the abdomen, try to touch the forehead to knees but do not strain.

11. Inhale - Backward Bending Pose.
Raise and stretch both arms above the head, keep upper arms by the ears. Squeeze your buttock muscles inwards, stretch your arms & expanding your chest region, feel the stretch of abdomen.

12. Exhale - Namaste
Slowly raise & straightening your back into standing pose. Lower your arms to prayer position, keep your eyes closed, relax the whole body.

** Continue the same sequence on your left side.**

Once you have completed both sides, lye down to relax your body in Shavasana (Corpse pose).

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