Prenatal Yoga Dance (Mummy Fitness)

This Prenatal Yoga+Dance is not just the traditional yoga poses with stretching & breathing, but it is a transformation & combination of Yoga+Fitness with Dance steps.

Songs are specifically choreograph by Sally (the founder of YogaPlus) to move the body by the 5-elements ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space).  This Prenatal Yoga+Dance class is suitable to perform throughout the 3 trimesters safely.

One do not have Yoga experience, One do not need to be a Dancer before, One have never done any Fitness before; You are most welcome to dance with Sally & she can assured you will enjoy the whole One hour with full of laughs, happiness, de-stress, fun, workout & sweat...

P/S: Structure of the class may change to a normal/gentle Prenatal Yoga session with lots of knowledge exchange/sharing experiences/confinement/how to handle baby (first time mum) etc etc.

Classes open for Registration Now !!!!!!
SATURDAY 9:15AM - 10:15AM
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YogaRhythm ~ Let it Go (Frozen)

2015 new classes coming up soon ** YogaRhythm **

Come join us & have fun..

Our new schedule will be released in February 2015.

Chinese New Year Promotion

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More YIN Practices (14 Nov 2014)

~~~~ The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender~~~

(1) Square Pose

(2) Half Lotus (variation)

(3) Pigeon (variation)

(4) Gecko (Advance)

(5) Eagle Legs Twist

Yin Yoga Class (12/Nov)

Because Yin Yoga requires that the muscles be relaxed around the connective tissue you want to stretch, 
not all yoga poses can be done effectively—or safely—as yin poses.

Call/SMS us to book for your mat on

Every Wednesday & Friday (0900am-1030am) 
a special 1.5hr YIN & Yang Yoga Class
at Yoga Plus Studio

Today's Special:  

(1) Deer Pose
stretching your Kidney, Liver and Spleen meridians

(2) Pigeon Pose (B)
Stretches the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest and shoulders, and neck
Stimulates the abdominal organs
Opens the shoulders and chest

(3) Sleeping Swan
The Sleeping Swan tugs on the outer hips, which tugs on your Gallbladder meridian! It also places additional pressure on the inner leg and groin to nourish the Liver meridian.
By stimulating your Gallbladder and Liver meridians, through the self-acupressure of this pose, you are better able to notice your inner energy regarding feelings of anger. It is important to have a healthy gall bladder and liver energy to support your muscles and tendons, so noticing any emotions arising in this pose is important to your overall health and well-being. The opening of energy movement or "chi" through your gallbladder and liver meridians will also help with your ability to feel compassion to yourself and others.

OUR REVISED RATES (effective 01Feb2015)

                     Our Packages for year 2015

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Within 14 months

o    Any packages purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable
o    Strictly no extension of validity period upon expiry.
o    Only upon renewal of existing package, members are allowed to bring forward unused classes.
o    Full payment are to be made upon registration with Yoga Plus, and the Validity will starts from the date of registration and expire within the stipulated period of time.
o   All other terms & conditions are at Managements' discretion.

o    Members are advisable to arrive the studio at least 10mins before class starts for registration.
o    Due to hygiene purposes, members are requested to bring along own Mat Towel during classes.
o    There will be strictly NO FOOD & DRINKS inside the studio, except water bottle.
o    Members may contact us 1 day in advance to book for any classes as per our schedule subject to availability.
o    Any session booked and NO SHOW (without cancellation via SMS/call), this will be deducted as ONE USED session on your next visit.
o    Package session’s utilization is based on the sessions indicated.
o    Schedules indicated subject to changes.

For Booking and/or Cancellation of classes,
please SMS/call to inform us within 24hrs in advance.
Yoga Plus (SMS to 8134 4052)

Our studio:  No 116 Changi Road, #02-08 WIS@Changi, Singapore 419718

Our Teachers

Sally Phang - Founder & Owner of Yoga Plus 

My first lesson of Yoga as a pure Beginner happened in year 2001 and ever since my first lesson, I LOVE IT!!!   Practices made Perfect ~~ It took me 6 years to explore, to understand, to experience and to feel  ~~ What is Yoga?   

Sally completed her 200-hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore in year 2007, followed by a 30-hrs YIN Yoga TTC with Victor Chng, founder of Yin Yoga in Asia.  In year 2008, she advanced her teaching by completing a Yoga Dance TTC with Jacq Ho, founder of Ysynergy Malaysia.

Her passion and enthusiasm even gets more excited which guided her moving forward to Family & Birthing Yoga. Thus, she obtained another Diploma Certification in Baby & Toddle Yoga with Birthlight UK in year 2008 and pair up with another Certification in Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Master Saumik Bera, founder of Real Yoga Singapore.

She loves deep stretching of YIN, the freedom of flow & twist twist, also has a strong core of standing balancing poses.  Whereas it is a totally different bonding time with babies & toddler, we strongly demonstrated to parents by doing yoga with their babies through TOUCH, FEEL & VOICE (songs) as early as 2 months old.

You will be inspired by her strong inspiration, passion and guidance, love and peace, care and joy together during her classes.  A practice a day absolutely changes not only to physical development, flexibility but it helps to improve strength, self-awareness mentally as well as spiritually.

Class Descriptions:

Yoga for Beginner
This is ideal for those who have never done yoga before. It is a good introduction to Yoga, using basic and gentle stretches that work every part of the body. Suitable for first timer.

Gentle & Stretch
This style of yoga is suitable for beginnersIt is far less strenuous than other forms of hatha yoga. It is beneficial to you who are already quite fit but lack the overall flexibility to be able to do more intense yoga poses. Gentle yoga accomplishes its goals of providing a workout without putting any unnecessary strain on you.

Yin Yoga
A quiet yet profound style of yoga based on the expression of theories derived from Chinese Medicine and Taoism. Yin Yoga uses long-held relaxed floor postures to stretch and stimulate the deep connective "Yin" tissues of the body. Accessible to practitioners of any tradition and any experience level, this practice strengthens chi flow and maintains the health of the meridian system of the body, and is the ideal complement to dynamic, muscular or "Yang" forms of yoga.

Yoga Therapy
This is a very low impact class without a heavy focus on strengthening poses, demanding twists or back bending poses. All the poses are basic, with simple stretching and twisting designed to strengthen target muscles and loosening tightness on various joint areas. It is particularly helpful for recovering from illnesses and ailments such as back pain, knee pain, cervical pain, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, insomnia, menstrual disorders, weak memory, migraine any many other ailments. Yoga Therapy is highly adaptable to accommodate the needs of different conditions and physical disabilities.

Hatha Yoga
Beginner and intermediate classes are available. Poses ranges from novice-level to those that can challenge even an experienced practitioner.
It combines physical exercise and mental discipline, with the goal of integrating and invigorating both body and mind. It has been shown that Hatha Yoga reduces stress, improve balance and flexibility, increase strength and reduce the risk of injury in daily life. It can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and can help manage chronic diseases. Its psychological benefits can assist in weight loss by helping you to control appetite.

Hatha Flow
Links traditional Hatha postures into a sequence of movements that flow naturally from one to the next. This eclectic class will explore variations of sun salutations, standing and seated poses along with body balancing. Modifications will be provided for postures to enhance flexibility, alignment and strength to make this class accessible for all. Connecting the breath with the movement of the body during the “flow” of yoga and deepening into the stretch allows energy to flow and provides relaxation for the busy mind.

Yoga Flow
This is a series of flow that has the combination of Hatha, Power and Vinyasa style. It is perfect for the practitioner who prefers a faster pace and a more challenging practice. With cardio and endurance as the focus it also incorporates strengthening poses such as basic arm balances, standing balancing, twisting. Different variations of sun salutations are also explored.

Slimming Yoga
A dynamic & energetic form which basically stimulates core parts in our body. It physically and mentally challenges the practitioners to connect to an inner power. Core Yoga helps heal, detoxify and rouse the body and mind. It mostly emphasis on abs, back, hips and pelvis.

Yoga Dance
Yoga + Dance help us to access and free up stored energy. Music & movement access deep levels of emotion.
Special Classes:

~ Baby & Mum Yoga ~
Baby yoga, is not something done to a baby, but with a baby. Yoga provides the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm as well as the stillness of deep relaxation. It promotes early bonding and creates a secure and happy foundation of well-being.

~ Toddlers Yoga (SMART)~
Stretch, Move and Relax Together. Classes for mobile babies, toddlers and pre-school children and their parents and carers.

NEW SCHEDULE (Pool / Aqua) updated: 23/April 2015

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Aqua Pregnancy

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