Mummy @ week 37-38 Pregnant

YIN Yoga - Twisted Dragon
  • Deep hip and groin opener … gets right into the joint;
  • Also stretches the back leg's hip flexors and quadriceps;
  • Many variations to help work deeply into hip socket;
  • Can help with sciatica.

YANG pose ~ A beautiful twist - Dove

YIN ~ preparing for Dragonfly
  • Opens the hips, groin, and the back of thighs;
  • Also provides a gentle opening to inner knees;
  • Stimulates the ovaries
Meridians & Organs Affected:
  • Urinary Bladder on back of legs and on the back, and the Liver and Kidney lines through the groin and the Spleen through the inner knees;
  • The twisting version will stimulate the Gall Bladder along the side of the torso.

Dragon Splits pose with a simple twist....
  1. "Dragon Splits" - the deepest stretch for hip flexors. Straighten both legs into the splits. Student can support the front hip with a bolster under the buttock, for balance and to release weight; this relaxes the muscles. Student can sit up tall or fold forward for different sensations;

YIN ~ Butterfly
A nice way to stretch the lower back without requiring loose hamstrings;

  • If the legs are straighter and the feet are farther away from the groin, the hamstrings will get more of a stretch. If the feet are in closer to the groin, the adductor muscles get stretched more;
  • This is good for the kidneys and the prostrate gland and highly recommends this pose for people suffering urinary problems;
  • It removes "heaviness in the testicles and is a boon to women … to regulate periods, ovaries function properly and make delivery easier
  • Ok for pregnant women, as the legs are abducted, providing space for the belly
Meridians & Organs Affected:
  • The Gall Bladder lines on the outside of the legs as well as the Urinary Bladder lines running along the spine in the lower back;
  • If the feet are in close to the groin and a stretch is felt in the inner thighs, the Kidney and Liver lines are being stimulated.

Yang ~ Inclined Plank

YIN ~ Swan pose

  • A vigorous way to open the hips, allowing gravity to do the work. This is a strong external rotation of front hip (especially in the image shown). Will also provide a quadricep and hip flexor stretch for the side that has the leg back;
  • A moderate to strong back bend, compressing the lower back;
  • This posture can control sexual desires due to lots of blood flowing through the pubic region.
Meridians & Organs Affected:

  • Liver and Kidney lines because these lines come through the inner groin; the Stomach and Spleen meridians (from the line on the top of the back leg); the Gall Bladder line on outer leg and the Urinary Bladder line through lumbar arch.


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