Yoga + Dance

Ydance is an outrageous fun and simple healing synergy of yoga, free and guided dance, community building and stillness meditation.

Ydance is a wildly fun, non-competitive movement process to set the body, mind and spirit wildly free, to release stress and create community.

We enter a state of mindlessness, laughter, sensation, swept away by exhilarating music.
We expericnce the sensual joy of movement, a healing connectiion with others, and peel away layers of stress.
One can go at their own pace, following their own timing and rhythm.
It's for any age, shape or size, regardless of fitness level.

This journey is so very simple, anyone can do it.

Class begins with gentle yoga stretches to relax & gradually escalate into a high-energy dance explosion through the elements of nature ~ Earth ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Spirit. This makes the dance journey more powerful.

1st Element ~ Earth ~ (Perineum)
Safety, Grounded, movements are calm, ground, center, stretch, relax..
Music is calming.

2nd Element ~ Water ~ (below navel)
Pleasure, Feelings, Sensuality
Music is sexy, sensual, powerful, slow, emotional, depthful...
Movement is round, soft, flowing, circular, sensual & simple...
3rd Element ~ Fire ~ (Solor plexus)
There are 4 paths in this Fire Element (Building Fire ~ Fire Circle ~ Fire Travel ~ Fire Play)
It is energizing, assertive.
Movement is sharp, wild and alive
Music is drumming, agressive

4th Element ~ Air ~ (heart, throat)
Music is playful & expressive.
Movement is freeing, joyful, light-hearted *sense of lightness with scarves*

5th Element ~ Spirit ~ Third eye and crown
Music is inspirational, heart-warming, slow
Movement is meditative, connecting with others *sufi dance follow by snake circle*
After the 5th Chakra, the Spirit element is slowing down eventually into meditation & relaxation.
Very gentle & soft music or silence.

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