Baby Yoga class @ Absolute Yoga, Friven Singapore

Lets have a chat about the baby before class begins & getting to know baby and mommy better. At the same time, creating the atmosphere ready for baby.

A gentle neck exercise for mommy to relief tension on neck & shoulders regions, combine with deep inhalation and exhalation.

Arms & shoulders stretches are perfect poses for mommy as to let go all the tension and heavy shoulders as always.

There you go with the hip sequence for baby ~ they love it.

Pubic hold... getting ready for lifting and dropping movements...

Different way of carrying your baby comfortably and relax while walking. Less stress on your shoulders and arms.

Tiger in the tree & Fireman holding .... a wonderful relax holding for babies...
We always ends the class with final relaxation for both mommy & baby.. let them share the joyous moment together, bonding the connection between mommy & baby...

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